Op. Dr. Niyazi Emre Turgut
Gynecology, Pregnancy and Infertility


Op. Dr. Niyazi Emre Turgut was born in Iskenderun. After his undergraduate education, he successfully completed his medical education at Ege University Faculty of Medicine and received the title of medical doctor.

He completed his specialization in Istanbul Training and Research Hospital and became a Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist in 2010.

Performing his compulsory service at Yozgat Akdağmadeni State Hospital, Dr. Turgut also assumed the duties of Deputy Chief Physician and Chief Physician of the same hospital.

Our doctor, who returned to Istanbul after two years of service to improve himself in Reproductive Health and Infertility, has come to this day by improving himself in large clinics with a large number of patients since 2013.

He has helped countless couples have a baby and has also contributed to himself, the scientific community and the happiness of couples by publishing many scientific publications.

In addition to vaccination and IVF treatments, it also successfully performs Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy operations, known as gynecological endoscopic operations, and also performs Normal or Cesarean deliveries by following the pregnancy of our couples.

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